Saturday, January 06, 2007

I still love wordpress

I still love wordpress.
Just want to make a post to keep it running.

Sunday, October 15, 2006

Blogger is still jerks

Wordpress #1

Saturday, September 23, 2006

So after many seasons of Wildcat blogging, in depth reports and analysis of a fictional team. The blogger suspension killed my momentum, to make matters worse, I was playing a national championship game when the power went out! Screw job #2.

I am purchasing a gamebridge
So that I can start getting screen caputures and yes video captures (that I will set to awesome music), of my dynasty that is likely going to be SMU next.

In other gigantic news, the new blog will be

Wordpress gives you more freedom, easier to update, and they have not screw jobbed me...yet...I'm going to see if i can transfer all the old posts from this one onto the new one, because lets be honest, there is some awesome gold on here.

Eat it blogger
Go (real) Wildcats against USC, you've lost this game before, you've won this game too in my dynasty...upset city please....

Go Buckeyes too...

Friday, September 15, 2006

The 'Cats are free

So after almost five days of being locked out of this blog that brings in literally 1 reader a day. I'm pretty upset.

My season has progressed, I'm 2 games away from another National Title Appearance, Abdullah has made a Heisman run, he's now #1, Selmon has blossomed, and Nakfoor kicked a 62 yard field goal. In other words, short of the armageddon, so much has happened.

I think that this has psuhed me over the edge and after my Arizona season is over, this blog will be transfered to WORDPRESS. Where I am looking for a new name, here are the options:

1) White on the 105
2) LA Bus Rider
3) Jarvis Bulldogs Offensive Line
4) Chinatown Lunch Box Dynasty (****personal favorite****)
5) T.O. Snobbery
6) Palm Trees in Riverdale

Arizona tops the c-note, beats UCLA 100-3

The game was nuts, Abdullah sets school records for Recieving yards in a season, a game, TDs in a season, in a game. Selmon throws for 400 yards and 8 TDs, no picks, rushes for 83....

But you won't see this becuase Blogger thinks this is spam!!! This sucks..

Saturday, September 09, 2006

Arizona demolishing the Pac Ten, Cal and WSU fall in blowouts

Arizona demolished Wazzu and Cal in back to back games, beating both teams by over 40 points. This team is looking like a bunch of superstars, they are considering playing Arizona's 1900 squad (pictured) for the 4th quarter in all pac ten games with teams not named USC or ASU...

So now that Arizona smoked those two teams, they have to play #5 USC (in LA) and #6 VA Tech (In Blacksburg) IN BACK TO BACK WEEKS! Talk about a test...if Arizona can eek out these games, they don't play any more ranked opponents the rest of the year and can pretty much guarantee a spot in the national championship game. But these two games will be a challenge....

Justin Abdullah was mentioned in ESPN Magazine as a Heisman hopeful (but he didn't make the list, what?)

Friday, September 08, 2006

Arizona, stonger than last year? Beats Notre Dame 60-0

South Bend, IN - The Arizona Wildcats absolutely crushed the Notre Dame Fighting Irish on Saturday 60-0 and some are saying this Arizona team, led by Redshirt Freshman Josh Selmon could be better than last year.

The game was nuts, in addition to huge games from Selmon and Abdullah, the Beverly Hills punter had a huge impact. He punted twice where the ball was downed at the 2 yard line, and an agressive Arizona defense tackled Notre Dame players for safeties. Two SAFETIES IN ONE GAME! Both because of punting! The lesson: Recruit Punters....

After another huge game, Justin Abdullah found himself as a Heisman contender, but Arizona's 2 Bye weeks following the game had him drop from the running.

The Cats are back on against Cal this week.

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Coach Stoops: Vindictive, Arizona beats NMSU 56-20

Tucson, AZ - After the debacle with Hal Mumme and his racist policies at NMSU, Arizona WR Justin Abdullah and K Marcel Nakfoor demanded that they schedule the Aggies, and Christian Lander, the Athletic Director, agreed.

Well, Arizona played and played big. Justin Abdullah had over 200 yards, Marcel Nakfoor kicked a 51 yard field goal that would have been good from 70, and Xavier Smith (recently converted after a summer in Jail) ran for 150 yards and 4 TDs.

But Stoops vindictiveness goes much further. After convincing Tyler Lyons (pictured) not to transfer to Air Force, he let him start the season in spite of Redshirt Freshman Josh Selmon (an Elite 11 QB from Texas), and Sophmore Tyler Andrews having great springs. Well, Tyler Lyons came in, and threw a pick on his first pass. He was promptly benched and Selmon played the rest of the game, passing for 324 yards and looking great.

"He's not playing another down this year," said Stoops of Selmon. "You want to transfer out of Arizona? Big mistake, now he'll spend the whole year on the bench. If he can make it through. The only way he plays is if Selmon and Andrews get hurt, even then I'll pull Dane Wright's redshirt before I let him play."

Dane Wright, the QB from Texas, is a freshman with 82 speed and many are predicting he will be the starter next year as a Redshirt Freshman, no matter how well Josh Selmon plays...